'Gothtronic' 2004– (Online-Magazin / Niederlande)


Answers: M.Sohn

Questions: Beautevil

1. Can you tell us something more about the background of Felsenreich?

We are 5 musicans, who love to play and compose gothic rock and love to provide another musical base that works with the impressions that surround the human mankind.

2. “Tiefe” is your fourth CD, can you tell us something more about the musical path you have followed during the releases of “The Death Is Behind You” (‘99), “Am Ende Der Zeit” (’01), “Melodien Der Weihnachtzeit” (‘02) and “Tiefe”?

D.Hartzsch and R.Wesely founded the band in 1998 recorded the first album, which was a quite electronical one, guitar sounds on this album came from guestmusicans. When M.Sohn and S.Breuer came into the band the music turned more into rock, which can be heared in the guitar sounds. The second cd was also the first one to have a trumpet playing to express even more intensively the feelings of the band. Am Ende der Zeit was produced by Dirk Fleck, who also produced Rainbirds, Warlock and others. Melodien der Weihnachtszeit is actually an chrismas-cd with old folksongs, that were interpreted in our own special way. Our newest album Tiefe was produced by S.Breuer to get an closer touch to the producer, who in the matter of fact is our own guitarplayer. This was a new and very great way to produce, cause putting our feelings into our music worked even better und deeper than before.

3. The band uses German and English lyrics, why did you make this choice?

Smile – those are the languages we are able to communicate in. But using both gives us the chances to express different topics in different languages and has the great opportunity to reach more people. German or English depends on the acustic version we almost always produce first. (soundcompilations differ with the use of trumpet, drums, guitars and the other noisemakers, which we are trying to find a melodie with).

4. Can you tell me more about the song ‘In My Dreams (akustik version)’, because that sounds so sincere and beautiful…

Great that you like this song. We reproduced this song after we had it on our first album to intensivy those outstanding harmonies and the deep lyrics by just simply underlaying it with a pianosolo. The piano makes it so fascinating.

5. Did you realize that ‘Animal’ got something in it that screams, “It’s a over”? I was very surprised that Felsenreich had written this song. Is it a song that DJs would play in Germany?

What do You mean with „it`s a over“ ? We do not understand this phrase as such. Please try to explain what You meant.

6. What surprised me as well is that you sometimes have a trumpet playing a solo, like in ‘Am Meer’ and ‘Die Brücke’. Can you tell us how you, as a band, make a decision if it’s a guitar or trumpet solo? Do you never have any fights about this?

In a matter of fact we use the trumpet at least we try to use it at those moments when the one who listens to our music wouldn’t expect it. We really like this instrument because it is so seldom used in the style of music we mostly play in. The trumpet makes it even more different and interesting to follow our songs. Using it in a song we decide together and most of the time there are no fights about this, certainly opinions differ, but we try as long as we all get something out of the new song we made.

7. How would you describe the band yourself? Is it a rock band, a Gothic rock band or?

Why would you describe yourself like this?

Well we try to combine different influences. We call our style – Mexican gothic- mainly because we include a trumpet. Almost nobody we know in this scene is actually using the outstanding performance of a trumpet, in Mexico trumpetnoises are quite wide spread and often to be heared, so we thought some mexican influence to it makes it a bit sharper.

8. Do you have a distribution deal for Europe or other countries? Or should people order it on the Internet? Can you tell us how and where?

Our distributor is Nova Media. But you can also buy CDs directly from us. The easiest way would be to check our internet homepage at www.felsenreich.de and click yourself through or contact us under email: post@felsenreich.de.

9. We feel that the (Gothic) scene in Germany is more open to different music than in the Netherlands, we got divided in an electro, deathrock/ wave and metal scene (with their own parties/ concerts and so on). How do you see that from you’re point of view as a rock band in Germany?

The scene is influenced by a lot of different styles in Germany and open for new, interesting effects. Our fans, mostly from the gothic scene are actually a multi-layered community which means they are coming from different musicstyles like gothic, metal, electro and wave as well as alternative, widely open for new attractive sideeffects. So we try to stay open for new experimentes.

10. How was your performance on the Wave Gotik Treffen this year? I’m afraid we missed it…

This year we have been performing at one of the most important gothic festival of the world – the wave gothic meeting – which takes place in Leipzig / Germany every year. About 20000 enthusiatic fans got crazy in may this year. We really enjoyed to play there because the atmosphere and the feeling were outstanding. What a festival.

11. What is your future plan? Will there be a tour?

In Autumn this year we’re gonna do a Germany-Tour. Right now we are pretty much involved in preparing this show and also moved with our studio. At the end of this year there will be a few new songs, we hopefully can bring out as well.

12. Something you always wanted to say, but never was asked…

Thank you for making this interview. We are always happy to do those. This gives us an even closer connection to our fans. Enjoy our new album “Tiefe”.

Enjoy music.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions!

GrtZ. Ron/ aka Beautevil